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Sworn translation

Our sworn translators are on hand to assist with all of your administrative needs

legally certified translation, also known as a sworn translation or simply a certified translation, is a translation that has been carried out by a translator who has sworn an oath before a court of first instance.

Our certified or sworn translators place their stamp on documents that they have personally translated. 
This means that a certified translation is recognised as an official document by the courts and by administrative bodies.

Sworn translations are required for numerous administrative documents such as civil status documentation (birth certificate, marriage certificate…), extracts from the Chamber of Commerce, legal rulings, degree certificates, etc.

The time required for legal translations is slightly longer as we have to send the original document, with the translator’s stamp and signature, through the post.

If the translation is intended for use internationally, sworn translations of official documents produced in a foreign language are required for:

  •     acquiring another nationality
  •     reacquisition of Belgian nationality
  •     adoptions abroad
  •     adoptions of children from abroad
  •     certificates of good moral conduct
  •     medical certificates
  •     name changes
  •     marriage contracts from abroad
  •     deaths abroad
  •     divorces abroad
  •     equivalent diplomas after having completed studies abroad
  •     degree certificates acquired abroad
  •     marriages abroad
  •     marriages in Belgium involving a foreign national 
  •     births abroad
  •     estates abroad
  •     registration on the Belgian National Register
  •     obtaining Belgian nationality through naturalisation 

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