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Website translation

Make your website multilingual!

For the majority of businesses, websites have become the new window displays.

This means that particular care must be taken when using this form of communication to convince your audience and encourage future clients to make contact.

A company’s image is increasingly being judged by the number of languages offered on their website. You will create a much stronger impression of your business if your website is available in several languages.

Make the most of the wonderful opportunities offered by the internet to expand your market exponentially and reach out to people all across the globe!

 Image caption: entrust real translation professionals with the translation of your website


To do this, you need to speak the language of your speaking partners perfectly and present your goods or services with elegance and precision.

Our professional translators will be only too pleased to assist in the translation of your website
Thanks to their know-how and their in-depth knowledge of the realities and differences between one country and another, they will help you to construct a clear message that strikes exactly the right note.

Once your website has been translated and adapted into the different languages, we remain on hand for any updates and for anything you would like to add to your web pages.

Do you have some news to share with your clients? Tradivarius will help you to get your message across in the languages of your choice!

Is your company headquartered in Wallonia? Enjoy the benefits of AWEX and receive a 50% discount when designing your website. 
This financial support now allows you to consider creating pages in different languages!


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