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Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting: the art of word play

Interpreting or simultaneous interpreting consists of instantaneously reproducing a speech given in another language whilst the person is making the speech.


Simultaneous interpretation requires specialist equipment.

Interpreters work in soundproof booths from which participants can listen to the interpreting through headphones.


For smaller groups or company visits, we are able to offer you ad hoc equipment consisting of a microphone for the interpreters and 20 headsets for participants. 
Portable interpreting sets allow for greater flexibility as the interpreters can follow your movements around the visits.



Thanks to its extensive network of professional interpreters, Tradivarius can compose a team of interpreters for you in a matter of hours.


But what if you don’t have interpreting equipment?

Tradivarius is able to supply you with all of the ad hoc equipment you need.
A portable booth can be set up in just one hour and only takes up 1.70m by 1.70m of space.


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