Mobile booth hire

In need of an interpreting booth? Tradivarius can have one up and running in an hour !

There are no interpreting booths in your meeting room and you are expected to provide simultaneous interpreting for your participants. What do you do ?

Don’t worry; Tradivarius will take care of everything.
Simply tell us the number of working languages and participants and we will handle all of the simultaneous interpreting logistics of your meeting.

Our soundproof booths can be set up in no time at all, provided that your meeting room is easily accessible.

Our professional technicians are on hand to support you throughout your event.
The installation and sound tests are generally performed the evening before the meeting.

Our technician will provide technical support throughout your meeting so that you don’t need to worry about the technical side whatsoever.

All of the headsets that we provide are sanitised and individually wrapped so that you can be assured of the highest hygiene standards.

Depending on the number of working languages and the size of your meeting room, we are able to offer anywhere between 1 and 20 booths !

Equipment rental

Hire of portable interpreting sets or ‘bidules’

The sets consist of a microphone into which interpreters whisper and 20 headsets.

Technical support

We are pleased to provide you with technical assistance for the duration of your event.