Transcreation : creativity in the spotlight

Transcreation (a contraction of ‘translation’ and ‘creation’) refers to the process of creative translation, which involves adapting a message from a source language into a target language while respecting the identity of the product or service, and provoking the same effects or emotions on the various target audiences.

Transcreation is at the crossroads of language, emotion and culture ; it applies to the world of advertising and marketing. Transcreation or creative translation offers translators immense freedom of expression and differs significantly from the ordinary translation exercise.

An in-depth knowledge of the culture of the target audience, an unfailing mastery of the source and target languages and an easy penmanship are the assets of the transcreator. Messages must be relevant in substance as well as in form, in the different contexts targeted.

It takes more than ‘just’ translation to hit the mark. Transcreation breaks away from the source message to address the target audience in terms that ‘speak’ to them. The slogan thus transcreated can therefore deviate very strongly from the original in order to better reach the audience, since the focus here is on the reaction to the message rather than on the equivalence of words in the different languages.

At Tradivarius, transcreation is done in 4 stages :

Web translation

Translation of websites

Websites are the new showcases for the majority of companies.

SEO-optimised translation

Do you want to improve the quality of your website visits?

Multilingual management of social networks

We support you for your communications on social networks