Remote simultaneous interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting – RSI

Do you have an important message to pass on and want to deliver it simultaneously to an audience from different linguistic backgrounds ?

Are you unable to bring all your teams together in the office due to health measures?
Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) is the perfect solution !

Hold your meeting in complete safety, as you’ve always done, and we’ll take care of the language and technical side of things !

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (or RSI for those in the know) gives you the possibility of organising remote meetings, as its name suggests.

What do you need in order to organise a remote meeting ?

A good internet connection, a suitable USB microphone, a webcam and you’re good to go !

Together we choose the video conferencing platform that suits you (Teams, Webex, Zoom, etc.). We then “add ourselves on” to your meeting in order to provide the various channels (FR, EN, NL, DE, etc.).

The technical component is handled by our technicians, who configure your meetings and access to the various platforms and assist you throughout your meeting.

First appearing 20 years ago, this kind of online interpreting is booming, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis.

RSI is different in that interpreters no longer physically attend the meeting onsite, thereby adhering to the safety measures put in place within the context of the fight against coronavirus.

Interpreters therefore most often work from home, using their computers and an online interpreting platform. They may also be in a studio, otherwise known as a “hub”, which is specially fitted out and equipped for RSI.

Remote simultaneous interpreting has several advantages, but also a few drawbacks, which must be limited as far as possible.



This summary gives you an initial non-exhaustive overview of what remote simultaneous interpreting is.

Tradivarius, your translation and interpreting agency, offers an RSI service. We work with a competent technical team that ensures that the remote interpreting module, added on to the video conferencing platform of your choice, is optimally configured. We have already had some very positive experiences and several satisfied clients.

Our team would be delighted to explain to you how to organise a meeting with RSI and how this new way of interpreting could meet your needs in these unprecedented times.

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