Conference interpreting

Conference interpreters, the guarantee of a successful seminar

Interpreting, also known as simultaneous translation or interpretation, serves to facilitate communication between people speaking different languages who would otherwise not be able to understand each other without a conference interpreter acting as an intermediary.

All of our conference interpreters are professionals with university degrees and peer-reviewed skills.
They master their working languages perfectly and have a very broad general knowledge base, which allows them to switch with ease between almost any subjects that spring to mind.

This wealth of linguistic and general knowledge allows conference interpreters to prepare and adapt to even the most varied situations: a medical symposium, trade union negotiations, technical seminar, etc.

Discretion is one of the many qualities of a good interpreter. Interpreters find themselves privy to confidential exchanges and therefore the utmost respect for professional confidentiality is an essential trait.

From a face-to-face meeting to a seminar with several hundred participants, Tradivarius is on hand to lend support from the very first stages of preparing for your event to the big day itself.

There are various interpreting techniques that can be used according to the situation :

Tradivarius is able to offer you a made-to-measure service that takes into account all of your needs :

Conference interpreting

Nous offer 3 services : Simultaneous interpretation, Audit interpretation and interpretation during company visits
 and Whispered interpreting.

Simultaneous interpretation

Our translators are instantaneously reproducing a speech given in another language

Audit interpretation and interpretation during company visits

For meetings on a smaller scale, we are able to offer you portable interpreting sets.

Whispered interpreting

An interpreter can be seated behind the person and whisper the interpretation into their ear.

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